Friday, December 20, 2019

Investment opportunities for 2020

Foreign entrepreneurs have found multiple reasons to live and invest in Miami, especially Hispanics and Latinos due to the privileged location, the city's logistics infrastructure, and its great aerial interconnection, which have turned the state of Florida into a strategic commercial bridge.

In the past, Miami was considered a tourist, beach city, or as a stopover to reach other U.S. destinations. Now the southern part of the state is the most desirable destination for business executives to invest in.

The real estate sector has been growing strongly in recent years, so the trends in apartments for sale in Miami have been changing, offering many advantages for people who come and go to the city for business or other activities, and want to buy an apartment in Miami to enjoy their stay by having their own place in the city, and rent it to generate income when they are not in the city.

The favorable conditions of investing in Miami have created a market, which, according to experts, is at its best.
Investing in Miami is being considered as an important source to generate profits, that's why we’ll tell you about the 8 opportunities you can't miss during 2020 to invest:

  1. You don't necessarily have to pay 100 percent of the price of the property. There are excellent financing options for everyone, including foreign investors. Generally, the bank will ask a new investor between 20 and 30 percent as a down payment to approve the loan.
  2. Another great advantage of investing in Miami is that they do not require strict control by the investor, it does not take much time and can be monitored remotely. That is very attractive to foreigners.
  3. Statistics show that property values rise steadily and constantly.
  4. Real estate has tax benefits, which makes it more attractive for investors.
  5. The average rates for mortgage loans range from 4.5 to 7.5 percent.
  6. It is the second state with the highest income per person in the Southeastern United States.
  7. It is the third state in the United States in the creation of new jobs.
  8. Florida is ranked as the third most dynamic state in the U.S. in the construction industry.

All real estate developers agree that Miami has become an international city in the last five years. It has activities 24 hours a day, from world-class museums to sensational theaters, fabulous stores, exquisite restaurants, and an incredible sports arena, lots of creativity and vibrant economic development.

What other reasons do you need to start enjoying the wonders of South Florida?

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