Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The importance of ecology in South Florida

In South Florida, something has been attracting attention. New pollution alerts have been issued on 3 beaches in the area. The first alert was issued in February, and since then, the situation seems only to be getting worse.

The dangers of swimming in these beaches are varied; however, tourists were recommended to abstain because there are high levels of enterococci, a stomach bacterium, in the water.

This situation has worried a significant number of inhabitants, so we want to tell you how to help stop this and, in general, make the world a better place. Take pencil and paper.

Reduce some products

Plastic bottles and aluminum cans take 10 years to degrade, which means that they could cause a lot of problems in that time. Avoid consuming products that come in this format. Plastic bags, for example, are a big headache for ecology. They take between 150 and 300 years to degrade; they are also a common object in polluted beaches. There are many alternatives to reduce the use of this type of bags. Reusable bags, made of recyclable materials, are always an excellent option!

Glass bottles

They can take 4000 years to degrade, so, in the meantime, they cause an indescribable environmental problem. Try to buy beverages contained in another type of container.

Save energy

There have been many efforts to improve this. There are several options to save electricity:
LED technology: replace ordinary bulbs with ones with this technology. They last 8 times longer, which means that it is a medium-term investment, and also consume 90% less energy.

Do not waste light: do not keep all the bulbs on, use only the one you need to light the place where you are and disconnect the devices you are not using.


Learn about how to recycle effectively and the ideal products to take care of the planet.
It is very likely that they have organized recycling campaigns near your home. Join and recycle; take part of the recycling culture and help pass that knowledge, it is important that we all care. 

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