Friday, October 5, 2018

Is Jade Park for you?

Jade Park has its first headquarters in Latin America. La AsunciĆ³n has been the place chosen by Fortune International Group, a leading company in Paraguay Real Estate.

This is a unique and imposing Real Estate project. With a minimalist and luxurious concept, these magnificent buildings allow you to be surrounded by nature; it's catharsis in the middle of the metropolis.

Three smart towers with 122 residences and an 18,000 m2 natural reserve.

This is a clubhouse that offers first level services. Internationally renowned architect Carlos Ott has designed this building, unique in the region.

And the best part is: you can start investing in this project today with the help of Gables Riches. Contact us now and start building your future.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

10 Things you can do in Coral Gables

Florida has incredible places to invest. Coral Gables is one of the most beautiful and oldest areas of South Florida. It has luxurious avenues, buildings of Mediterranean influence, beautiful properties and a variety of places to live.

Choosing the right place for you is a hard decision. We’ll give you a short list of things you should do when you invest in Coral Gables:

1) If you love your pet, this is the right place

Coral Gables has beautiful parks, so pets don’t get bored at home. If you don't want to take them to the park, the properties also have lush gardens for our beloved pets.

2) A place for the family

In Coral Gables Real Estate you will have countless places to visit. From shopping centers to quiet places, to enjoy an afternoon for a picnic with your loved ones.

3) If you live alone, you’re going to love your neighbors

If you live on your own, your neighbors will be there for you when you need them. The Coral Gables neighborhoods are perfect for harmony among the owners and the community between them.

4) It’s not summer, but you want a summer day

In Coral Gables Real Estate you can visit various places where you’ll feel that any day is the best day of summer. You have places like the Venetian Pool and Matherson Hammock Park.

5) If you’re only visiting you can do a Coral Gables tour

Visit the places that Coral Gables has to offer, such as Old Cutler Trail and Merrick Park.

6) Museums

You can’t be in Coral Gables without visiting its museums. Coral Gables is the artistic part of Miami. Visit Lowe Art Museum and Fine Art Galleries to connect with your artistic side.

7) Biltmore

This hotel is an icon of Coral Gables. On Sundays, they serve their famous brunches in the backyard.

8) Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

This great botanical garden offers countless possibilities. Depending on the time, a lot of events are carried out.

9) Old Cutler Trail

It’s a beautiful journey that will make you feel in a fairy tale. An unreal path redefined by trees full of nature and peace.

10) Miracle Mile:

If shopping is your thing, Miracle Mile is your place. It’s a street full of luxury shops and art galleries that will feed your love for Miami.
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