Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Real Estate 101: Why should you invest long-term?

One of the first questions anyone asks when they are starting in Real Estate is: “Should I invest long-term or short-term?” Some are just looking for something simple, so they can try it out, or simply see if they want to invest in a second home.

Having a Rental Property has many advantages; that’s not really a secret. Your landlord takes care of the repairs, and if you don’t like it anymore, you can move somewhere else without much issue.

But having a property of your own is an art! First, you can count on the help of experts that can show you the best properties according to your budget and needs. Then, having services like Property Management and Property Insurance will help you protect your investment. In the long run, your property’s value will increase over time.

Help, I need somebody…

This isn’t just a Beatles song; the reality is that you need a lot of planning and advice. So, today, we’ll give you some tips you can have in your radar before investing in a property:

  • Pay in cash: asking for a mortgage is usually the first option for most and it usually gives a cash boost. But if you can’t pay it back or you can’t have renters, owning a property could become a burden instead of the means of building wealth;
  • Pay all debts before buying: that’s right! Consider taxes, upkeep, and extra expenses before buying. While it takes some time (and money!) to pay this, it’ll also help you relieve some of the burden;
  • Research is your best friend… besides your realtor: read everything you can find about the area, the property itself and how much you are actually willing to invest. Remember that you’re not only buying a house; you’re making an investment.

And now what?

All of this can be yours

Trust us when we tell you that investing in Real Estate is one of the safest options out there. Buying a property will help you save money from renting all the time and even you can buy to rent in the future.

Gables Riches is right there with you helping you choose and buy a property. We can guide you in the process of buying houses and turning them into homes.

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