Friday, August 24, 2018

Hurricane Insurance: Is it a must?

One of the first things people take into consideration when they want to invest in Florida is its weather, and it’s no secret that Miami’s temperatures are great all year around… until hurricane season starts.

For most, it’s a tense time where everyone should be prepared.

So, what’s the first step?

At Gables Riches, we take care of your safety, so have these emergency numbers in hand:

How do I protect my home?

A home is also a shelter; it’s a place where all your family should feel safe from day one. That’s why at Gables Riches we don’t only see your house as a place: it’s where you build a life. So, from day one, you should have a Property Management and Property Insurance service that can look out for your well-being and comfort.

At Gables Riches, we offer these services taking everything into consideration: area, type of property, type of insurance, etc. It doesn’t matter what type of investment you have, all that matters is that you have all you need in hand.

Hurricane season is upon us

There are some types of insurance that can cover some damages produced by hurricanes, like strong winds and superficial damage. But sometimes, flooding is the biggest issue.

Check what your insurance policy covers and which arrangements you must do to get full coverage.

Gables Riches offers a top Property Management and Property Insurance service so you can protect your home –and your family– at all costs! Contact us!

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