Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tips for a Safer Home

Few things are more exciting than moving to a new home, especially if it is your first home. And when it comes to what it’s ours, our family and our loved ones, there’s no such thing as “too many” security measures. In this article, we are going to give you some tips about security and how to keep your home safe in every possible way.

Neighborhood security has always been a priority for homebuyers, right next to finding an affordable home. Recent surveys have shown that 78% of the respondents felt like it was very important to replace or rekey their new home’s lock after moving in, which might sound a little bit obvious, but until the 1990s, only 50% felt this way. What changed? Is it a rising paranoia?

Justified or not, families keep investing in security measures every year and everywhere in America. Like we said, you can’t be “too safe” when it comes to your family’s wellbeing.

If you think that your home could probably be safer, here are some tips to finally achieve that peace of mind that you’ve always wanted:

1.      Paying a monthly fee for an alarm service can be a great investment to consider. It’s worth every penny, if you ask us.
2.      Make your home look occupied even when you are away. Use timers to turn the lights and the TV on and off at different hours of the day.
3.      Use warning signs even if they are not true. A little “beware of the dog” sign can do wonders against burglars who are always looking for the weakest house. If you want to go the extra mile, placing a dog food bowl near the back door can be a great idea.
4.      Light is essential. Make sure that your house is well lit on the outside and that there are no dark spots, especially near the entrances.
5.      Get to know your neighbors, even if you are not much of a people person. Having an extra pair of eyes right outside of your property can be very useful, and in case of an emergency, you can count on their help. And if you go on vacation, you can ask them to pick up your mail so your home won’t look empty.
6.      It doesn’t matter how safe your neighborhood might appear, always keep your valuables creatively hidden.

These are some simple pointers to consider whenever you move to a new neighborhood, or if you are already established in one and you would like to make your home a safer place. Most landlords and home sellers know about the importance of security, and they are already making some improvements to their properties to capture the interest of more and better buyers. If this is an important matter to you, remember to mention it to us at Gables Riches.

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