Monday, September 4, 2017

Decorate Your New Coral Gables Home

There are few things happier than decorating your new home; the excitement of shaping your house or your condo, filling it with color, technology, and every last piece of furniture required to express, through your home, who you are. Decorate your new Coral Gables home with these tips and with the help of the stores below.

Hiring a professional interior designer can be very expensive, and some of them don’t have the ability to translate your thoughts, emotions and feelings into actions to decorate your new place exactly the way you want to. That’s why, even if you would like to get someone’s help with this matter, there are a few things that you should know first and some concepts that you should be familiar with before getting started.

Work with a budget: knowing how much money you have to spend on furniture, painting, lamps, drapes, and every item used to decorate is actually quite important, because this way you’ll be able to make smarter choices and you’ll be able to unify more evenly every piece you decide to buy.

Don’t buy everything at once: there are certain items like couches, sofas, appliances and beds that everyone needs to buy first, but every professional designer recommends getting everything else more calmly. Shop around, get to know your local stores and what they have to offer, do online window shopping and let your entire home take the shape that you always dreamed of.

Define your color palette: knowing which colors and hues you want is essential to be able to make smart purchases at the local store. Define if you would rather have warm colors with wooden floors and furniture, or a modern, pale look with white hues and minimalistic items.

One of our favorite stores in Coral Gables is Fine Line Furniture &Accessories. You simply can’t go wrong with this boutique where you can be sure that you’ll find some of the finest pieces of furniture in the whole state. Another unbelievable boutique we always recommend to our clients is Morada HauteFurniture; Italian designs that will provide a luxurious, contemporary and cosmopolitan look to your home. On the other hand, if you are more into rustic and modern accessories and furniture, all handcrafted by professionals, Victoria’s Armoire is the perfect store for you in Coral Gables.

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