Monday, June 26, 2017

Why Should You Get a Condo?

One of the most frequently asked question from buyers to their realtors or Real Estate Companies is whether to get a house or a condo, especially those buyers who are getting their first home. In this particular post we are going to point at the reasons why you should get a condo instead of a house. 

Let’s start by saying that both choices (condos and houses) are good, it depends on what you are looking for and what type of person you are. But in our experience, the easiest (and best) choice, particularly in South Florida, will always be a condo.  

Factors to consider before making your final choice:
1.      Location: this is usually the deciding factor. In the particular case of Coral Gables and its surroundings, most people choose a condo because they are usually better located than a single-family house. Condos can be found in much centered areas where you can be near restaurants, malls, beaches, train stations or work.
2.      Maintenance: many first-time buyers decide to buy a condo instead of a house because it requires much less work. A house’s upkeep usually requires more experience, more time, and the cost is high. If you are a person with many responsibilities, and you think you won’t have the time to be able to attend the demands of your home with the regularity that it’s required, we recommend you to get a condo. Not having to worry about hiring landscapers and other contractors for exterior maintenance is no small thing.
3.      Pricing: the cost is also an important factor every buyer considers before getting a new home. It’s true that multi-family townhouses or condos have a monthly fee that you must pay for maintenance and other matters, but the prices are usually lower than houses and there are plenty of options in the market.
4.      Amenities: this is a very attractive factor for many buyers. Some condos have pools, gyms, party rooms, valet parking, housekeeping and other amenities included in the price.
If you are thinking about getting a home in South Florida, contact us anytime, and we will offer you all the guidance you’ll need. Next to Miami Riches, Doral Richs and Gables Riches, you will find exactly what you want and what you need!


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