Monday, April 17, 2017

Altamira Libros in Coral Gables

Just across the street from Barnes & Nobles, and behind Books and Books, Altamira Libros has come to Miracle Mile, in Coral Gables, to stay. This amazing Venezuelan bookshop has arrived to Miami to provide all Latinos with the best spanish written books. From Borges, Cortázar and Vargas Llosa, to Gabriel García Márquez, Rómulo Gallegos, Bolaño, and any other Spanish writer you can imagine, you’ll find them all in Altamira Libros.
            If you are one of those Miamians who enjoy a nice reading afternoon and who loves to stay all Sunday with an open book, then Altamira Libros will definitely fit your needs. You just need to go and choose your next adventure. You’ll find novels, poetry, essays, and even kids’ books for the youngest members of your family!
            This is a great initiative to incorporate the Latino culture among the South Floridian society. And there’s no better way to do so than by offering good Literature to its citizens. The best thing is that all editions are in their original language: Spanish. So, if you’re looking forward to feed your library with more Spanish-written literature, then Altamira Libros is the place to visit.
You can contact them by calling: (786) 534-8433 and ask if the book you’re looking for is available. Also, remember to follow them on their social networks as @AltamiraLibros on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Altamira Libros is located at:
219 Miracle Mille
Coral Gables

FL 33134.

Photo credit: Isabella Saturno. 

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