Tuesday, January 31, 2017

IMAGO: “Art in Action” in Coral Gables

A city is not only a place to have a house and do your grocery shopping, it’s also about enjoying its surroundings and keeping yourself entertained. If you’re one of those who need art to keep life interesting, then IMAGO will definitely fit your lifestyle.

This is a new cultural space in Coral Gables that offers an artistic experience that overcomes the concept of a normal gallery. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy literature, visual arts and the fine arts. IMAGO is divided into four main areas: The Gallery, The Library, The Workshops, and The Designer-Objects Store.

There are permanent events for South Floridians to enjoy, such as art exhibitions, gallery talks, classes, cinema forums, and much more. Imago Art in Action opened on April 6, 2017, and its first exhibition was provided by a group of renowned Venezuelan artists, such as: Sigfredo Chacón, Isabel Cisneros, Rafael Rangel, Patricia Van Dalen, and so many others.

This amazing project allows citizens and visitors of Miami to expand their cultural experience and enjoy the city to its fullest. Not only is it a project for entertainment, but it’s a soul feeder. Art is always a plus in any city!

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