Monday, December 19, 2016

WeWork Station in Brickell City Centre

Brickell is one of those places where everyone feels comfortable, while living a luxury lifestyle. Not only for its exclusiveness, but also for the wide variety of accommodations the city has to offer. Brickell City Centre is just one of those projects that exemplify Brickell’s lifestyle. This project features not only residences, retails, and hotels, but also offices and work spaces.

Imagine yourself working in an office located just steps away from the ocean’s immensity. Brickell City Centre offers that and more through the recently opened WeWork Stations in the building. Have an attractive working experience in the second tower of Brickell City Centre. Rent an elegant, private, and modernly designed working space from $400 to $4000 monthly.

WeWork offers workers a private patio where to relax and enjoy the view and the Miami River. On your spare time you can also visit the mall or give yourself a treat in an exquisite restaurant. It’s an excellent place to be productive, while enjoying yourself.

In WeWork offices you can rent a hot desk or a private office: you’ll find a great variety of space options depending on how many people your company needs to shelter. A hot desk is excellent for those users who need a 24/7 available working space, without having the need of renting an entirely private office. Private offices are directed to those businesses that need complete privacy for their employees. You can rent offices for up to nine people, but you can contact them if you’re sheltering even more workers.

For either kind of rented work space, the amenities offered by WeWork are: communication team, cleaning, phone cabins, meeting rooms, printers, high-speed internet, coffee, weekly events (workshops, classes, happy hours, etc.), and common areas.

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