Monday, September 19, 2016

Gables’ Renovations

 When thinking about Gables, the first thing that comes to mind is: comfort and luxury. Coral Gables, or City Beautiful, is renovating its infrastructure every day to become the most comfortable city in America.

One on Gables’ most recent projects is the enhancement of Miracle Mile. This $21.6 million project’s main goal is to renovate the whole shopping, dining, and celebration experiences, by creating an artistic, pedestrian-friendly Downtown Coral Gables. The project has an approximate timeline of 18 months, which started in mid-April. 

This is not only a project intended to make Gables a better city, but it is also a project with artistic intentions. According to the company in charge of the construction, this project is an artistic masterpiece which will most likely result in an award. Natural stones cut from Spain are going to be used for the sidewalks, and the design mimics the effect of rain descending upon a pool of water.

Also, the Museum Parking Garage #2, at 220 Aragon, and Merrick Place Parking Garage #6, at 51 Aragon, are facing some major renovations. These include painting, lighting, repair of elevator lobbies, replacement of doors, and so much more. However, during renovations, the garages will stay open. Merrick Place Parking Garage will be the first one to be renovated and then contractors will move on to Museum Parking Garage.

The constant investments on Coral Gables City are what makes it one of the most beautiful and comfortable cities to live in. Every day, the authorities are allowing and investing on more and more new projects and renovations of old ones to keep perfecting this city for its inhabitants. Go, Gables!

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