Monday, August 15, 2016

Top 7 Properties to Invest

Choosing the right property to invest on is not an easy task. There are so many details we have to take into consideration before deciding which one we should buy. If you are looking forward to investing on real estate, America Riches will help you make the right choice. We want your happiness and your money to be safe. So, if you are thinking on real estate investments, here’s a list of the top 7 properties you should consider.

Student housing
1.     Senior housing: this kind of property is experiencing an upward demand. Its renting rate is increasing daily. This type of property offers the best risk and return profile right now.
2.     Student housing: at the beginning of 2016, the pre-tax yield for student housing properties was 7.6%. An investment on student housing is generally in line with long-term trend, it is the best performing sector year-to-date in the REIT space.
3.     Suburban office: office vacancy has dropped 20 basis points in 2016. This means job growth and therefore economic stability. Investors should consider suburban offices, since they are one of the few property types that are showing recovering growth.
4.     Flex big-box warehouse: this is one of the healthiest industrial sub-sectors, driven by demand for e-commerce tenants.
5.     Self-storage: this sector is becoming more accepted as an institutional asset class. Right now, it’s showing higher cap rates, solid NOI growth, and low cap-ex. Self-storage is pleasing great income expectations.
6.     Neighborhood Community Centers: this type of property, just as fortress malls, is very powerful since it’s carrying the retail asset class. The firm rated neighborhood community centers with 6.4 out of 10.

7.     Street retail: this type of property has been a very trending one on the past few years, with cap rates in gateway markets dropping below 3%. There has been a recent uptick demand on street retail spaces.

Street retail
Flex big-box warehouse

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