Sunday, March 20, 2016

Artisanal Donuts Have Arrived to Miami

Most major cities are offering a variety of artisanal donut shoppes, and Miami couldn't be left behind. That's why Amanda Pizarro and Andy Rodriguez, partnered up with Executive Pastry Chef Max Santiago to build an amazig idea: The Salty Donut.

This Artisanal Donut Shop & Coffee Bar is focused on chef-made, small-batch craft donuts, and an incredible coffee program, featuring rotating coffees with interesting flavor profiles.

To make this mouthwatering donuts, they use fresh and natural ingredients. Their fillings, glazes, jams, doughs... everything starts off as raw ingredients. Yes, they make everything in house! That's their secret to offer the best donuts in Miami.

You'll always have new flavors to be amazed with, because their menu changes around every week, featuring 6-8 different donuts and also a different coffee menu.

The Salty Donut started business in December 3rd, with a pop-up shop in a vintage trailer painted white and blue, it’s open every Fri-Sun until their retail store opens in a few moths. If you want to stop by they're at 29 NW 24thSt Miami, FL 33127 in Miami’s Wynwood Design District.
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