Friday, October 30, 2015

Jugo Fresh – Nature in your palate

Within freshness and healthy choices you’ll be able to find yourself with no guilty pleasures. Jugofresh offers pleasures with no boundaries that shows you nature´s way to enhance your body. With different organic ingredients and right to the point mixtures you’ll be able to follow this new trend of eating yummy and modern meals. However, it’s necessary to point their main product: delicious juices. They have been well established in Miami thanks to them and Coral Gables couldn´t be left behind from that treat.

Recently opened in Coral Gables
Jugofresh already has a restaurant in South Miami, close to Dixie Highway, but with their increasing success they have decided to open a new establishment in Ponce de Leon Boulevard. This is an area full of glamour and has a vintage air, that will make you go for calm shopping walk and then for a refreshing lunch. Also, you can jazz up your day with a juice cream, one of their newest products.

Coral Gables finds itself growing with a lot of eating, shopping and recreational options, getting more to offer and to enjoy. This proves nothing more than how right is the decision to live in this area. Among the prices you can find for the condominiums there is wide range that goes from $150K to $400K. While the family homes can vary from the mid $400K up to millions. Most of them are in a walkable distance from Jugofresh, so make sure to eat there, after you check out the properties of the area.

Getting healthier options

This franchise is well known for their variety of juices, but there is more than meets the eye. Their owners are focused on a hard working passionate menu that covers their whole essence with good vibes for your mind and body.

In there you are going to be able to find juices, smoothies, holy waters, salads, parfaits and others. These are all done for a specific effect on your body, which means their ingredients are carefully chosen depending on their properties and flavor. For example, their juice “el green go” is made for kidney cleansing, blood building and anti-inflammatory purposes. Another one with a Spanglish name is the “esta too hot”, which is done for cell-defending and tummy amer. And when it comes to the ingredients of every juice or meal, well, we suggest you to go and find out yourself. 

Organic and produced locally, is the statement they stand by. This makes them a healthy option for the body depending on its needs. Also, it increases the local market and production. Their proposal for a better care of ourselves and organic products adds up more value and a sense of a modern lifestyle to the Coral Gables community.

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