Friday, April 17, 2015

Choices Café – A Choice Location in Coral Gables

Vegan seems to be more than just a fad.  Whether it is because of health reasons or simply a preference, everywhere you go more and more people prefer a vegan menu. And in Miami, that means only one place – Choices Café.  And now, Choices has finally come to Coral Gables.  Opened since January, this place has become a favorite to those who know about it as well as anyone who stumbles upon it. 

Centrally Located in Coral Gables
Voted top vegan restaurant in Miami, the owners of Choice Café said in a Miami New Times article they chose Coral Gables for a location because “so many people begged them to open here.”  Ponce de Leon Boulevard (2626 Ponce de Leon Boulevard) is the perfect spot for this Miami favorite (just off the Miracle Mile) that features a detailed fare that is “100 percent vegan and 95 percent organic.”  Even those who do not profess to be vegans (or vegetarians for that matter) always find time to stop in any of the three locations to have a snack or meal. 

Real estate in the area around Choices Café is predominately condominiums as it is situated in the middle of the business district of Coral Gables.  List prices start in the mid to upper-$200s at Ten Aragon; the mid-$300s at Gables Tower Condo; and, the mid-$400s at Ponce Tower. These condos are considered to be very “walkable” as they are centrally located to the Miracle Mile and the businesses around it. Even neighborhoods like Gables Granada and Coral Gables Country Club are close enough that residents can make a plan to walk to Choices, enjoy a healthy meal and walk home – you can’t get much better than that! For single family homes in these neighborhoods, list prices start in the low to mid-$400s and climb into the multi-millions. 

Coming Soon to Coconut Grove
June seems to be the target month for another “choice location” for Choices Café if the permits and zoning come thorough.  Just like the Gables location, the owners say that they “didn't choose the Grove, the Grove chose us. That's kind of how we operate; we let the universe guide us," in a recent Miami New Times article.  The location in an historical building on McFarlane Road is the brainchild of a Choices customer who owns the building.  This location has a huge front patio which is ideal for a restaurant like this one. 

Mutiny Park Condo and Sonesta Coconut Grove are situated on McFarlane Road and feature units starting in the mid to upper-$300s.  Just a couple of blocks away and within a short walk of McFarlane Road are Yacht Harbour Villas and Lofts at Mayfair with units also starting in the mid to upper-$300s. 

What to Eat
The favorites seem to be the Mental Lentil and Kind Slam as well as their smoothies and the No Capitan Wrap.  The menu is large enough that you can easily eat there several days a week to try everything and discover your favorites.  Some say it is a little pricey but for an organic, vegan fresh meal, it isn’t too pricey. 

More Healthy Options 
If there were more healthy options like Choices Café, maybe we would be a lot healthier.  But for now, we’ll just have to enjoy one of the three Choices locations and patiently wait until the summer for the fourth one to open in the Grove.

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