Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Opera D’Arte: The City Beautiful’s Chicest Bridal Gallery on Bridal Row

With Thanksgiving upon us, you can see that the Christmas season has finally arrived as well.  Luckily, in sunny Florida, we only experience the holidays with timing and decorations instead of the dismal weather in the north. 

While most people shop for toys, clothing, and other things that their friends and family want, there are those shoppers who buy the bling – ring bling to be exact.  The holidays are a time where the question is popped and the answer is a resounding YES!  When this happens, it means only one thing…it is time to shop for the dress and there is no better place to shop for the dress than along “Bridal Row”  on the Miracle Mile in Coral Gables.

Bridal Row is a section of the Miracle Mile that is home to over three dozen shops that cater to every single part of a wedding from the dress to the cake to the event planners who make the whole occasion happen.  This is where so many brides start the fun of planning “the most important day of their lives.” 

As for bridal gowns, one of the most elegant shops on the Miracle Mile’s Bridal Row is Opera D’Arte.  This boutique has some of the most beautiful dresses to make any bride feel a princess for the day and takes bridal gown shopping to a new level. 

Not only do they help brides find the perfect gown, they host events throughout the year to showcase their designers and offer guests the opportunity to spend time with a designer’s representative and the store’s staff being fitted for a wedding gown.

Coral Gables is well known for its beauty and elegance which makes it the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding which makes sense since there is an entire area along the Miracle Mile devoted to this important and festive occasion.  The Biltmore Hotel and the Women’s Club of Coconut Grove are just a couple of the more popular venues where unbelievable wedding days culminate.

As Coral Gables real estate experts, we work with a lot of people who are relocating to the area as they begin to plan the biggest day of their lives.  So why not exchange vows in the City Beautiful?  We always send them to Bridal Row to begin the planning process.  As for the dress, which let’s face it, is the thing that every bride treasures most, Opera D’Arte is our favorite.  We know that once any bride steps in this sophisticated and graceful boutique, the feeling will be mutual.

Opera D’Arte has trunk shows coming up including designer Riki Dalal, December 5-7 and Cotin Sposa, January 23-25, 2015.  Be sure to call for your private appointment. 

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