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Coral Gables Top Five Best Rated Restaurants

In an area like Coral Gables that known for its amazing restaurants, residents and visitors always have a major decision to make when heading out to eat.  There are so many from which to choose that it makes it so hard to decide.  Because it is such a “walkable” city, many Coral Gables neighborhoods are within walking distance to a lot of them, it is nice to make an evening out of going out to dinner by walking to and from the restaurant.  Even in the summer, the evenings cool some so it is such a pleasant way to cap off a perfect day in the Florida sunshine.  To give you an idea of the community’s favorite places, here is a list of five of the top rated Coral Gables restaurants:

Gusto Fino Italian Deli, 271 Alhambra Circle.  Let’s face it – there is nothing like a good Italian deli and at Gusto Fino is as authentic as you can get.  From the atmosphere to the mouthwatering delicacies prepared with so much love, this is one of Coral Gables top places to eat.  The sandwiches are absolutely amazing and full of fresh ingredients.  Everyone always raves about the meatball and chicken parmesan sandwiches but, no matter what you order, you will be back for more.  Gusto just moved to a new and larger location only a few blocks from the former location.  The prices are reasonable with items on the menu costing no more than $12 – that includes dishes like Chicken Parmigiano and other large pasta dishes.  Visitors must venture into Gusto for lunch – it is a favorite for most Coral Gables residents!  Hours are 11am – 6pm, Monday through Saturday.

Pete’s Authentic Cooking, 153 Giralda Avenue.  “Authentic” is the perfect word to describe another favorite breakfast/lunch spot in Coral Gables.  Located just off the Miracle Mile on Restaurant Row, Pete’s offers a wide variety of delicious sandwiches, salads and so much more as well as wonderful breakfast and brunch fares. It is situated within a nice quick walk from several Coral Gables condominiums and neighborhoods which makes for a nice walk in the Florida sunshine.  Pete’s is very popular spot in Downtown Coral Gables so it is more than likely going to have a crowd but once you eat here, you will know why it is so crowded.  It has a casual atmosphere with a touch of sophistication just as you expect a place in Coral Gables to have.  In addition to the standard menu lots of options including vegan and gluten-free, there are always specials on a blackboard that are just as delicious.  Pete’s is open only on weekdays between 8am and 4pm and is a great place to meet up with friends or take out of town guests. 

Frenchie’s American Diner, 2618 Galiano Street.   This restaurant combines the best of French and American cuisine into a restaurant that seems to be a favorite with most anyone who eats here.  Where else can you get a Duck Confit Club Sandwich with Fries (French fries that is)?  Duck Confit on a club!  Luckily Frenchie’s is open for lunch and dinner with the most delectable dishes one can imagine.  But plan on dining at Frenchie’s on a weeknight because they are closed on the weekends.  Probably the most popular thing is the French Onion Soup and when you see the bubbly cheese over the onion soup then taste it, you will be in heaven!  Situated just off the Miracle Mile, Frenchie’s is located in the heart of Downtown Coral Gables and within walking distance to many well-known Coral Gables condominiums like Ten Aragon and other neighborhoods. 

Uvaggio, 70 Miracle Mile.  Everyone loves a good tapas restaurant and in Coral Gables, the favorite tapas place is Uvaggio.  Situated on the Miracle Mile, this is a top notch wine bar that has a strong European influence and is simply a fabulous place to meet up with friends after work or end a day of Miracle Mile shopping with wine and tapas.  The place is small with only six tables but it is not what you would call overcrowded.  The service is impeccable which makes the experience that much better.  The options are delicious with items like duck confit with cherries, goat cheese hummus and, wait for it, cinnamon roll bread pudding.  Open nightly Monday through Saturday since April, everyone in the area has been raving about it, so if you haven’t already, head over to Uvaggio for some of the best food and wine you will ever eat and drink. 

Café Bistro at Nordstrom, Village of Merrick Park.  It would not be right if we did not mention the Café Bistro at Nordstrom.  They have so many delicious items on their menu that it is common to hear “let’s go eat at Nordstrom.”  This place is different in that everyone orders at the counter then waits for the staff to bring it to your table.  It is a very elegant process to order though so that shouldn't throw anyone off.  A couple of the most popular items on the menu that get the most “ooo’s and ahhh’s” are the Citrus Turkey Sandwich and the crab bisque.  It is kid-friendly which makes it easy when shopping with the kids.  But when solo or with friends, it is the perfect spot to stop and enjoy lunch or an early dinner while shopping.  Luckily, it is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and like the others mentioned here, it is within walking distance from several Coral Gables condominiums like 55 Merrick and neighborhoods like Gables Riviera and Granada. 

Tons of Top Rated Restaurants

In addition to the elegant and tropical atmosphere for which Coral Gables is known, restaurants are something that keep people coming to our city beautiful.  There are tons of top rated restaurants from which to choose.  The ones mentioned here are a handful of those that get the most rave reviews and high ratings.  

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