Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coco Plum Women’s Club: Classic Old Florida Style and Elegance

We recently went to an event that was at the Coco Plum Women’s Club.  Not only was the event wonderful, the location was absolutely spectacular.  It had all the elements that we love the most in this part of Florida which made everything simply perfect.

One of the best attributes about South Florida is the architecture.  The designs and characteristics are unique to time-honored Coral Gables real estate and have an appeal that is just not found in most newly built homes today.  The Coco Plum Women’s Club showcases the “classic old Florida” style from the early to mid-1900s that is still very popular today.

History of the Coco Plum Women’s Club
Established in 1912, the Coco Plum Women’s Club had just eight members and called themselves the Coco Plum Thimble Club.   At the time, they met at members’ homes but over the years, the land on which they are located now was bought then divided and sold to raise money for community efforts.  During WWI, they rolled bandages, sang at community events, and provided entertainment for the Airmen at, what was then, the Dinner Key Naval Station.  Over the years, they have worked hard to contribute the Coral Gables community in terms of arts, culture, education and even international outreach.

The Coco Plum
Built in 1926, the Coco Plum was built for the members of the Women’s Club to operate their organization.  Over the years, the facility, with its beautiful Mediterranean –style architecture, has been home to many events from cotillions and meetings to other events that required an elegant backdrop like the Coco Plum.  Today, it is the site of many weddings and other social events, and houses a full staff to handle every bit of the planning from invitations to entertainment to the lighting and technical support.  That is why when you go to an event at the Coco Plum, you look around in complete awe of the event’s beauty and then how well organized it is. 

Neighborhoods Surrounding the Coco Plum
The Coco Plum is situated in Coral Gables not far from the Miracle Mile.  Surrounding it are some of the most fabulous established Coral Gables neighborhoods that seem to carry the architectural style and grace of the Coco Plum.  Gables Riviera, Gables Estate, the Coco Plum neighborhood and some of the most exclusive Coral Gables neighborhoods are close by.  Additionally, Coconut Grove is also a stone’s throw which gives the Coco Plum a much more elegant and high-end feel.

A Great Place to Throw a Party
This part of Coral Gables is such a great area in which to live.  Coral Gables is also known as the “city Beautiful,” and once you drive through these classic Florida neighborhoods with the unique architecture and perfectly landscaped lawns, you see why it has this reputation.  It is fabulous!  The Coco Plum is the perfect element to the area…not to mention a great place to throw a party!

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