Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bulla Gastrobar– Coral Gables Newest Go-To Restaurant

One thing that Coral Gables is lucky enough to have is a long list of great restaurants.  There are times where you have a craving and there are times you keep hearing about a new place that you want to try.  This is one of the raves about a new restaurant in the Gables – Bulla Gastrobar.

Bulla is the brainchild of a former owner of Por Fin which just so happens to be next door.  Carlos Centurion loves the gastrobars in Spain and put one right where it needed to be – in the Gables.  Gastronomy is the study of good eating and at Bulla Gastrobar that is exactly what the place is about.

Located at the corner of Ponce de Leon and Andalusia Avenue in the heart of the Gables, Bulla Gastrobar is absolutely fantastic.  Bulla (pronounced boo-ya!) is full of excitement and a fun atmosphere.  Everyone in there is smiling and having a blast while enjoying good food and great wine.  It is described as a Spanish tapas bar and features a menu that looks delicious with smaller plates and large ones as well.  When you look around the place, you see people taking a bite of something then looking at their friends with big eyes that suddenly roll back in their heads.  That is followed by repeated “yums.”  

Arroz a Banda
A couple of our favorites at our table were Huevos Bulla, a combination of organic egg, homemade potato chips, Serrano ham, potato foam, truffle oil and Arroz a Banda which is paella type dish that leaves you wanting more.  As for drinks, the Sangria is delectable but the Moscow Mule is one you definitely want to try (but be careful). 

The Heart of the Gables
Coral Gables is filled with great places to eat especially along and around the Miracle Mile.  One of the city’s greatest attributes is being able to walk from place to place.  In real estate terms, Coral Gables is considered to be “very walkable.” When people venture into our quaint little city, they are taken aback by how everyone who lives in and around this part walks everywhere.  That is one of the primary reasons people choose Coral Gables rentals or property for sale close to the Miracle Mile.

From residences in condominiums like the Gables Club, Ten Aragon or any of the other well-known buildings to living in close-by neighborhoods like Coral Gables Granada, Country Club, Gables Riviera and others, a big draw is how close they are to shopping, dining and simply enjoying the “City Beautiful.” 

This part of Coral Gables has its own unique character as most of the homes have that classic old Florida architectural appeal that you simply do not see in newly constructed homes.  The details inside many of the older homes reflect the time and attitude of the people who have called the Gables home for decades.  Outside, whether in one of the neighborhoods or along the streets surrounding the Miracle Mile, there is a sense of community that is hard to find in many parts of the area and even the state.

The Perfect South Florida Atmosphere
Bulla Gastrobar reflects this attitude and has a very cozy atmosphere as well.  If you are looking for something new and different to try or are new to the area, let us suggest – no tell you – to try Bulla Gastrobar.  It has fantastic food, awesome libation and the perfect South Florida atmosphere.  We promise you want be disappointed. 
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