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Five Favorite Coral Gables Parks

In addition to having a solid understanding of the Coral Gable real estate market, we love to feature the characteristics that are so appealing about our fair city.  Coral Gables is well known for being South Florida’s most beautiful city with unbelievable and elegant architecture, great restaurants and shops, and panoramic Biscayne Bay views.  Another popular attribute of Coral Gables is the large amount of green space and parks. 

Coral Gables has over 20 parks that are well maintained and add to the atmosphere of their close-by neighborhoods.  While some feature green space and picnic tables, others have more to offer the people who live close to the parks.  Additionally, even though the parks encompass varying amounts of space, each has its own features that draw the residents of Coral Gables.  Following are some of our favorite Coral Gables parks and what we like about them.  

Phillips Park, 90 Menores Avenue
With over three acres of green space and areas for activities, Phillips Park sits just north of the Miracle Mile in the heart of Coral Gables.  It is surrounded by some of Coral Gables best neighborhoods like Coral Groves, Coral Estates and Douglas where home values range from the mid-$500s to well over $2 million and have that classic Florida appeal and character of days past.

Phillips Park is one of those parks that appeals to every age group from kids who want to run and play to those who enjoy walking along the paths or spending time in the warm Florida sunshine.  The park has a nice playground for kids, basketball and tennis courts, picnic tables, a pavilion, a large ball field and more.  This is a classic park that just beckons for people to come and spend time.

Jaycee Park, 1230 Hardee Road
Sitting on two acres, this is another of those classic parks.  It has all the bells and whistles in terms of walking paths, a playground, nice park benches scattered about, basketball and tennis courts, picnic table, and more.  Because it is situated in Gables Riviera, it is very popular with families.  Kids love coming to the playground or running on the ball field (provided there are no games…and even then they try).  There is tons of shade with huge, full trees all around so reading or simply enjoying Starbuck’s on a park bench is nice too. 

In terms of real estate around it, this is a great area with excellent options.  There is a broad spectrum of home values and list prices ranging from the mid-$400s to well over $5 million.   Gables Riviera is a wonderfully easy-going, family-oriented neighborhood and Jaycee Park only adds to its appeal. 

Riviera Park, 6611 Yumuri Street
Not far from Jaycee Park is Riviera Park.  This three-acre green space is more for those who simply want to walk, have lunch at a picnic table or (here is the best part), take their pooches to the park.  Yes – it is a pet friendly park which is why we mention it.  With so many parks packed into one fantastic city, it is amazing that less than a handful is happy to have pets.

Riviera Park is situated in Sunset Acres neighborhood where home values top $1 million and climb from there.  It is an established neighborhood with quiet streets that are lined with lots of big trees and sidewalks making it easy to walk to the park.  The park adds a lot to the neighborhood making it that much more inviting. 

George Merrick Park, 400 Biltmore Way
Not really a “park” in the truest sense of the word (no swings, basketball courts, etc.), this is one of our favorites simply because of the events that take place here.  During the winter months (or what we consider winter), January – March, Merrick Park is the home of the Coral Gables Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.   Then in April, the Merrick Festival takes place.  But our favorites occur during the holidays.  Right after Thanksgiving, Merrick Park turns into Santa’s Village until Christmas at which point, it transforms into the start of the Junior Orange Bowl Parade.  Situated across from City Hall and at the north end of the Miracle Mile, Merrick Park is a small plot of green space with two huge old oak trees.

Merrick Park is a great place to take a break from work or the grind of shopping on the Miracle Mile to have lunch on the grass or to take a little breather.  It is just a nice little green oasis in the middle of the city.  Real estate around it runs the gamut with Coral Gables condominium properties.  List prices range from the mid-$300s into the millions for properties close to Merrick Park. 

Salvadore Park, 1120 Andalusia Avenue
At just under four acres, Salvadore Park’s primary focus is its tennis facilities.  With 13 courts, this is one of Coral Gables best places for the sport.  But beyond that, Salvadore Park has a great playground for kids not to mention picnic tables, walking paths and other great features.  There are lots of after school activities and summer camps that are primarily tennis-focused at the park. 

Salvadore Park is centrally situated in a very residential part of Coral Gables.  The Granada, Coral Groves, and Country Club neighborhoods surround it.  This is another very family-oriented area with home values and list prices falling in a broad range from the mid to upper-$300s to well over $1 million.  It is a fantastic park in an even better neighborhood.  That is why we love this park.

So Many Parks in Coral Gables

There are so many parks in Coral Gables.  When walking through them, the common thread is how well they are maintained and the care that is put into each and every one.  Coral Gables is called the “city beautiful” and that sentiment is carried through the park system.  We love our parks almost as much as we love Coral Gables!

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