Monday, July 1, 2013

Favorite Coral Gables Restaurants on the Miracle Mile

Coral Gables Restaurant Week just wrapped its 6th annual event with huge success. Many of the participating restaurants are located on the Miracle Mile, the hub of “the Gables.”  While a lot of of our clients got to revel in Restaurant Week, others were not able to participate so we thought we would suggest some of our favorite Coral Gables restaurants on the Miracle Mile.

Ortanique on the Mile.  If you are looking for a unique and fun restaurant that is highly rated by most, if not all, restaurant critics and websites like Yelp, Ortanique on the Mile is a unique restaurant with an authentic Caribbean flair that mirrors its sister restaurant in Grand Cayman in terms of design, atmosphere and, especially, the food.  From ceviche to fresh salads and seafood (and let’s not forget fun tropical drinks), there are so many things from which to choose.  In fact, a common remark is that many people have trouble deciding when it is time to order.  A favorite extra that is actually a necessity is getting a menu with a little flashlight on it because it is rather dimly lit at Ortanique.  Ortanique is definitely a favorite for locals and visitors alike.  There is no better place to take out-of town guests if you want a “WOW” factor added to the evening. 

The Dome Restaurant Bar and Lounge, 271 Miracle Mile.
  Located between Salzedo and Ponce de Leon is the recently opened Dome Restaurant Bar and Lounge.  An interesting delicious restaurant, the Dome is the first LEED certified restaurant in Coral Gables.  It is described as a “Latin Fusion Caviar Bar” but is actually so much more.  The great thing about the Dome is it is a great place for everyone whether you are with a group of people or having ‘date night.’  Everything on the menu is prepared using fresh, organic ingredients from the Dome’s garden.  At the Dome, presentation is everything.  They know how to make the meal unforgettable.  This is definitely one that you must try.

Seasons 52, 321 Miracle Mile.  Though not a ‘local restaurant,’ Seasons 52 is a new place that is all the talk.  It features the most delicious and fresh food that you swear that it comes straight from the local farmer’s market.  When paired with a wine from its award winning international wine list, you know you have hit the jack pot.  The service is impeccable.  This is an excellent place to have lunch while shopping, a business lunch or dinner, dinner with friends or even a nice quiet dinner for two.  A cool experience at Seasons 52 is dining at the Chef’s Table where the chef lays out a spread of amuse bouche for guests enjoy. 

CrepeMaker, 76 Miracle Mile.  This is not what you think when you think crepes.  The CrepeMaker features a more non-traditional crepe where the crepe is made into a cone and filled with fresh ingredients like salad, fresh vegetables, fruits and more.  For the traditionalist, they also make more “normal” crepes but stuff them with delicious fillings like pizza and other delicious fillings.  And for desserts, YUMMY is the only thing to say.  The CrepeMaker is a perfect stop when shopping along the Miracle Mile or at the Village at Merrick Park not to mention meeting a friend for one of their coffees or smoothies.

Red Koi Thai and Sushi Lounge, 317 Miracle Mile.  The Red Koi Thai and Sushi Lounge is the perfect spot when you are craving sushi or have a yen for Thai food.  With a d├ęcor style of Japanese minimalism on the lower level and a more lounge type atmosphere with candle light, lounge seating, a full-service bar and the ability to order from the full menu on the second level, Red Koi is bound to fit your mood. No one ever leaves the Red Koi without raving about everything from the food to the great drinks and awesome service.  This is a favorite of most everyone who lives in or regularly visits the Gables. 

So Many Choices
There are so many choices when it comes to dining on the Miracle Mile in Coral Gables.  No matter the type of food you crave, we promise that there is a restaurant on the Mile to accommodate it.  Venture over a block or two on each side of the popular street and the world is your oyster when it comes to discovering even more great eateries.  We cannot even begin to name them all!

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