Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pay By Phone In Coral Gables

Convenience is the key word for all residents of the modern world. This is no less true in Coral Gables where PayByPhone technology for public parking has seeped into the lives of visitors to the area as well as into the residents of the city

PayByPhone in Coral Gables permits any driver parking in a space that requires a fare to pay with a credit card either by means of a mobile phone application or a computer instead of the inconvenience of having to sift through pockets and/or purses for change and insert it into the meter or pay-and-display machine.

Policy-makers in the city have been ahead of the technology game as they began using PayByPhone since 2005. However, the system did not include access via smartphone, which it now does. 

As of November 1, a newer PayByPhone technology will be introduced for the 4,200 parking spaces available to both visitors and owners of Coral Gables real estate throughout the city.

The original system had its problems even though it was a step in the right direction. Users were required to either pay a monthly fee or hang a tag in their car. 

With the new system, a user has to:

  • Open the app on their phone
  • Enter the space number
  • Select the time for parking
  • Press ‘enter’ and forget about it.

Public affairs manager for the City of Coral Gables, Maria Rosa Higgins feels it is a more suitable way to pay for parking when she spoke with local newspaper, The Miami Herald.

“It is used by a number of cities in our region and provides more services and options for our customers than our existing system,” said Higgins.

Areas in cities such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale have instituted this parking system and it has worked well. By paying for the parking via this new app, residents can avoid hefty parking tickets. This system will enable users to refresh the meter without having to rush back to the car from wherever they are to feed it with coins. Even better, the new app will send a text alert when the meter is about to expire, for those too engrossed in whatever they are doing to check the time.

To register for this app, car owners must download it at www.paybyphone.com or by calling 866-990-7275.

Happy Parking!

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