Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dining in Coral Gables, Florida: A Gourmand’s Paradise

For both visitors to the area and locals who own Coral Gables real estate, Coral Gables’ more than 220 restaurants reflect its status as a dining epicenter. It also explains the surge of almost twenty new restaurants offering the gamut fare from casual to chic dining that have opened over the course of the last few months.

For those who might ask, won’t they be swallowed up by those restaurants already established, the answer is no. The reason is because when an area is known for something specific (such as in this case, restaurants) it draws those interested in fine dining to the area. Therefore, another restaurant becomes an additional culinary adventure rather than a competitor. 

According to business leaders and Mark Trowbridge, president and CEO of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce: “It is my sincere belief that the high number of quality restaurants that people have known and loved for years in the Gables provides the perfect motivation for new concepts and ventures to open here,” What better way to launch a new restaurant business than in an environment that already attracts foodies and educated diners in significant numbers?”

National restaurant chains are also attracted to the dynamic and flourishing Coral Gables dining scene and have left their mark there. Shake Shack, Brick Top and Energy Kitchen, a healthy lifestyle promoter are all involved with being integral to this trendy lifestyle complex. 

Both visitors to the area and local residents who own Coral Gables real estate will agree that no matter which cuisine you prefer, you will find something like it in the Coral Gables dining scene. This includes but is not limited to: Italian, Thai, Cuban, Brazilian, Chinese, or plain old American steak! 

A few of the many memorable dining establishments include:

  • Café Abbracci is a bit pricey but truly a chic dining experience. It offers excellent food and ambience and a chance to view celebrities who often dine here. 
  • Café Vialetto offers an unusual mélange of Latin American and Italian cuisine and is known for its exotic dishes. 
  • Pascals’ On Ponce is a small and often crowded restaurant offering the best French food in Southern Florida if you can manage to nab a table.
  • Havana Harry's offerings are just as advertised; that is, inexpensive, good Cuban food. Many Cuban-Americans dine here revealing the authenticity of its cuisine. The palomilla steak is a favorite as well as side dishes of rice, beans and plantains.
  • Ruth's Chris is an upscale chain of classic American steakhouses. The filet mignon is out of this world as well as the banana cream pie.

Come and dine in Coral Gables for a truly satisfying culinary experience.

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