Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coral Gables Schools and Their Impact on Real Estate Prices

Coral Gables, Florida, also known as “the City Beautiful,” is a highly desirable place to live. Its schools are considered by many to be the best in Miami Dade County and they rank highly among the best schools in the state of Florida. These educational facilities particularly the private schools, are also among the most expensive, as are many of the homes in the vicinity. This is the connecting link between Coral Gables real estate and the education system.  

The schools in Coral Gables are renowned for their academic excellence and pioneering international studies programs. The diverse educational base includes an impressive roster of private schools. Home to the high-ranking University of Miami, Coral Gables has “magnet” high schools (public schools specializing in certain curricula or courses), elementary, middle schools, special education programs, private schools, kindergarten, and preschool programs.

Three elementary schools; George Washington Carver, Sunset Elementary and Coral Gables Elementary School all have received the highest ratings from state, national and independent assessment organizations.

Since its formation back in the 1920s as one of the first planned communities in the nation, Coral Gables remains one of the most restrictive settlements in the south Florida area and Coral Gables real estate remains among the most expensive in the region.

Coral Gables stands like a proud peacock amid a predominance of Mediterranean-style architecture. In the city’s northern section, small garden apartments and duplex units abound; in its central part, one can find many smaller historic cottages.  There are also several streets reserved for the cream of Coral Gables real estate; large mansions from another era long faded into time.

Today the very rich and the middle class co-exist in this planned community, but only the wealthier among them can afford Coral Gables real estate near many of the private schools. For example, the enrollment fee for Gulliver’s School is $2,000. Although non-refundable, this fee is applied to the total tuition costs for the year, which are quite hefty.

Tuition alone for pre-kindergarten is $9,700 and goes up to $26,900 for grades 6-12. There are also other fees, which are not included in the tuition, such as: matriculation fees, textbooks, transportation and lunch.

Coral Gables is a self-sufficient, highly desirable community in which to live, work, and play. Without a doubt, Coral Gables real estate's most powerful selling point to families with children is its educational facilities.

For couples or individuals without children, the schools might not present a priority in purchasing Coral Gables real estate, in which case luxurious homes can be bought with easy access to a marina at Cocoplum. Gable Estates offers grand estate properties that have their own private deepwater docks.

Coral Gables has it all.
Come visit and stay.

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