Friday, August 31, 2012

The Village at Merrick Park: A Rose By Any Other Name...

Opened in 2002, this trendy, open-air lifestyle center in Coral Gables, Florida, derives its name from George Merrick, founder of City Beautiful back in the 1920s. Operated by General Growth Properties, the Village at Merrick Park  is a unique mall that features over 100 retail stores and boutiques, nine dining establishments, and three anchor stores: Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Equinox Fitness and Spa. 

merrick park

If you are currently looking for this prime piece of Coral Gables real estate on the map, you will find it just where it is supposed to be, but if you search for it in the next few months, you might have some trouble. A name change is in order to Merrick Shops. The purpose of the re-branding is to clarify in the minds of all visitors whether this upscale hub is or is not a shopping center.

The name change was approved earlier this month by the Coral Gables City Commission, and it will be implemented later this year or in early 2013. According to Kerem Kayser, senior general manager: “The Village of Merrick Park name really didn’t resonate with shoppers. We believe it caused a lot of confusion... We wanted our name to distinctly represent that we are an exclusive shopping destination. 

Altering the name serendipitously coincides with the up-and-coming tenth anniversary of Merrick Park. It is hoped that marketing under the new moniker will propel a higher profile within the retail landscape of Miami-Dade. Store purchases and sales of Coral Gables real estate are at their highest level per square foot in the entire history of the mall, even exceeding the record before the recession, which was set back in 2007.  Still, the owner of the mall sees more untapped potential for monetary success. 

The name change will take a while because the city of Coral Gables must approve it. One of the things holding up progress is the mall owner’s desire for more visibility in the form of signs that are much bigger and somewhat bolder than those that are already there.

merrick park condos

Kayser admits that the new name and additional marketing are only part of the picture for this prime Coral Gables real estate and that many other changes are expected over the course of the next year. Leases are up for renewal and about half of the original tenants have either signed or are in the process of doing so. In addition, there are five new tenants: J.Crew, Agent Provocateur, Carlo Pazolini, Onda de Mar and Pedini Miami.

As is with most things in life, timing is an important issue. The name change alone will do nothing for Merrick Park unless it is buttressed with an aggressive advertising campaign. That is what truly creates re-branding, whether the subject is Coral Gables real estate or another amusement park.

Some retailers aren’t so sure that the name change will affect retail traffic, as the third floor, which had been occupied by Border’s Book store, has been vacant since last year. Total occupancy remains just over 90 percent.

Time will tell for Merrick Park or should we say…Shops?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Due Diligence: A Concept Much Like A First Date

Finding the “right one” is a quest for both love and property, and for both of them some of the same rules apply. In one case, it’s called dating and in the other, due diligence. Getting to know a person and getting acquainted with a property are associated with the same wonders and pitfalls, and you should know both before making any decision about buying Coral Gables real estate.

When a contract is signed to buy Coral Gables real estate, time is permitted for the new owner to get to know the property. These due diligence periods are normal no matter whether the property in question is a condo, house, office building or any other type structure.

The similarities between due diligence and a first date are both amusing and fascinating. Consider them as follows.

1. You are cautious acquaintances with the property. You are not exactly sure what you want to do. You have no responsibility or sense of commitment to go either way just yet but you also can’t have any say about the property either. (After all, a first date, is still a first date.)

2. In order to get to know your Coral Gables real estate (just as you would someone you are dating) you will need to invest both time and money. This means doing your homework and reading many reports including those involving titles, environmental reports and inspections.

3. Remember that appearances can be deceiving and don’t judge a book by its cover. The outer beauty of the property can’t be more important than how well it fits your financial needs. And also, don’t ever forget that old standby about ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is’.

4. In the same manner as you would never make a commitment to a person without knowing them intimately, the same is true for a piece of Coral Gables real estate you are thinking of buying. You want to avoid problems at all costs if you possibly can. This can be achieved if you know the structure of the building, its environmental history and understand all the costs/risks associated with owning and operating it.

5. Patience is golden, so they say, and due diligence takes time as does nurturing any relationship. You may have to “shop around” for the right property, which works for your particular financial needs and requirements, but you must do this if you are seriously considering purchasing Coral Gables real estate.

6. People may be upset with you if you can’t commit, but in the long run, you have to make the ultimate decision about whether the property (or person) in question is for you or not. If you need to cancel, do it honestly and gracefully and move on.

You and not the broker or the seller of the property will have to live with your decision to purchase Coral Gables real estate and so you must use the due diligence period to make up your own mind.

Good luck.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The University of Miami: A Dazzling Jewel in The Coral Gables Crown

More than 15,000 students from all around the world attend classes at the University of Miami. Its stellar reputation, as well as that of other educational facilities in the area, is a significant factor in the desirability of Coral Gables real estate. Focused on teaching and learning, this private university engages in $360 million in research and sponsored programs annually. It is comprised of 12 schools and colleges serving undergraduate and graduate students in more than 180 majors and programs.

university of miami

Undergraduate students are encouraged to carve their own unique educational path that complements both their aptitudes and interests. Programs within the nine undergraduate schools and colleges are diverse and span a broad range of studies.

Established in 1925 at the height of southern Florida’s famous real estate boom, The University of Miami is the perfect setting for students who love the outdoors. Popular nearby spots include: South Beach, the Florida Keys, and Everglades National Park, which features water sports, hiking and sunbathing. The beautiful tropical environment is a boon to Coral Gables real estate, and the University offers what most others cannot; namely, a living tapestry of diverse cultures and traditions.

The current president Donna E. Shalala, efficiently preserves the mission of the University of Miami, which encompasses two distinct goals; empowering the discoveries through research that enhance civilization and preparing students for success both in their careers and in their lives. Accomplishing both of these goals requires an exceptional faculty and staff.

During her tenure as president since 2001, the University of Miami has risen 17 spots and now ranks among the top 50 national universities of U.S. News & World Reports Americas Best Colleges list. It is also the largest employer in Coral Gables and the sixth major provider of jobs in the Mami-Dade area.

There are currently 2,505 full-time faculty members, more than 15,000 students representing all 50 states and almost 150 foreign nations and a total staff comprised of more than 13,400 employees.
Part of its appeal to prospective employers who desire to purchase Coral Gables real estate and live in its proximity, are the many benefits offered via the university’s employee discount program and comprehensive benefits package.

These benefits are dependant on employee classification but are still very generous by any standard. They include: diverse discounts on store products and athletic events in addition to heath insurance, income protection and retirement savings.

An ideal location geographically speaking, the University of Miami and its presence in southern Florida has positively affected the interest in Coral Gables real estate. Brimming with civic pride and responsibility, the University of Miami is a source of income for many residents and represents a powerful bastion of the American dream and the possibilities of a glorious future for Coral Gables.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Coral Gables - A Lush and Colorful Past

Inspired by the City Beautiful Movement that swept across America during the early 20th century, landscape architects such as Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux, who designed New York’s Central Park, greatly influenced the elements of architectural style incorporated by developers in Southern Florida in general and Coral Gables specifically.

Coral Gables real estate is hallmarked by a proud and colorful aesthetic heritage in which specific elements of style were incorporated. Some of these included: the use of wide avenues lined with trees, winding roads adorned with lush greenery, ornate plazas with gushing fountains and monumental buildings.

Coral Gables, the epitome of City Beautiful, was built to enhance and harmoniously coexist with the environment. Its grand Mediterranean Revival architectural style was established in 1914 when wealthy industrialist, James Deering built his landmark estate, Villa Viscaya.

His winter home from 1916 to his death in 1925, the garden’s classical Italian and French design combined with lush tropical foliage resulted in experiments with many exotic plants that were heretofore unknown to American horticulture.

During the 1920s, visionaries such as George Merrick, enraptured by the fever of the Florida land boom, developed his vast land holdings of Coral Gables real estate while building on Florida’s colorful Spanish legacy. Merrick came to Miami with his family from Duxbury, Massachusetts, in 1899 and he created an elitist enclave he called Coral Gables, whose name derived from the native rock home where he spent his childhood. Coral Gables real estate became highly desirable, offering its own unique and private enclave.

It was George Merrick and his team of extraordinary artists and designers who subdivided the vast holdings of Coral Gables real estate into areas with clear zoning and usage specifications. These original city planners set aside residential and country club areas, business, industrial and craft subdivisions and recreational areas including bridle paths, parks, tennis courts and golf courses.

These building codes were made specifically to ensure that Coral Gables real estate and its lush environs would endure throughout the decades to come. From the muted shades of its buildings to its exotic shrubbery, Coral Cables remains unchanged since its inception. Some of the codes seem silly by today’s standards. Some ban outdoor parking of pickups and vans overnight and forbid swimming in private pools near churches on Sunday morning. Other regulations stipulate that all cats wear bells and pet monkeys must be kept out of sight at all times.

George E. Merrick also founded Florida’s highest-ranking school, the University of Miami, which since the city’s inception has been the largest employer in Coral Gables. This private research university with more than 15,000 students from all around the world has a faculty and staff comprised of more than 13,400 employees.

Coral Gables real estate represents a tropical paradise that was born from the personal vision of one man who sought to make a difference with his wealth and influence.

Here’s to George Merrick, wherever he may be.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Coconut Grove Luxury Real Estate: Grovenor House and Vizcaya Residences

Established in 1925, Coconut Grove is the oldest modern neighborhood of Miami, Florida in Miami-Dade County. The name dates back to 1873 when resident, Dr. Horace P. Porter, established a post office in the area, which he named Coconut Grove.

Renowned for its lush scenery, breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay and a relaxed atmosphere, Coconut Grove is located south of the Brickell neighborhood and east of Coral Gables. Referred to by locals as “The Grove”, it is an area populated by open-air cafes, alluring boutiques and a bustling nightlife.

Newer condos in the area have revitalized Coconut Grove real estate. Two such projects are the Grovenor House and the Residences at Vizcaya. Sales at The Grovenor House, the new 32-story luxury condominium with 166 residences, have been relentless and outstanding. They began in June and by mid-July three quarter of the building had sold at prices averaging $450 per square foot.
grovenor house coconut grove
In the words of property developer, Ugo Colombo: "I got taken by surprise by the sales. My plan was to sell the building as it was built, I think there is a demand for large units in the Coconut Grove and Coral Gables. There is no luxury building in that area.”

No one has been more surprised than he about how sales have skyrocketed. One Saturday morning last month, $5 million in condos was sold within a space of 45 minutes.

Built in 2006, two, three and four-bedroom condos in this waterfront high-rise range in price from $700,000 to $5 million. Amenities include: 24 hour concierge, contemporary spa and fitness center, lush tropical gardens, marble bathrooms, heated infinity edge pool, lighted tennis court, fenced dog park and a children’s recreation area, just to name a few.

Another significant and highly successful project for Coconut Grove real estate are the Residences at Vizcaya. These newly designed condos are set on two acres of lush land. The development includes 18 three, four and five bedroom units in total, but over the course of the past few months 13 have already been sold.

residences at vizcaya

All of the homes overlook Biscayne Bay and have square footage ranging from 3,000 square feet up to 10,000 square feet. Prices range between 1.3 million to $6 million. Designer kitchens are adorned with Miele appliances and granite or quartz countertops.

The sophisticated contemporary seven-story building cost approximately 450 million to build and was designed by architects, Behar, Font and CC Arquitectos. Building amenities include but are not limited to: a private seven-slip marina, lap pool with surrounding cabanas and sundeck, private club and meeting rooms, fitness center, and 24-hour concierge service and security.

Come and take a look at what is available in Coconut Grove real estate.

You will like what you see.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Gables Estates: Why Is It So Special?

There is so much to choose from when it comes to purchasing Coral Gables real estate. The City Beautiful as it has been known since its inception back in the 1920s, has a current population of more than 43,000 people and has a high cost of living (81 percent). The median cost for a home in Coral Gables is $656,300.

There are many fabulous places to call home but one of the most beautiful includes more than 200 acres of lush shoreline along Biscayne Bay. The secluded waterfront enclave known as Gables Estates represents the ultimate in living a life of opulence, luxury and sophistication.

Gable Estates was the loving creation of industrialist Arthur Vining Davis who was the successful manager of Alcoa, the first company to manufacture commercial aluminum. His estate was valued at $400 million at the time of his death in 1962, and his private investments financed Gable Estates back in the early 1960s. Sea-walled canals meander along the magnificent residences that comprise Gable Estates.

Davis envisioned a secluded, elitist community that exceeded in terms of amenities the wildest dreams of the country’s richest of men and women. He created a demand for memberships to the Gables Estates Club, which is required before an individual is allowed to purchase one of the residences at Gables Estates.

The homes in Gables Estates represent a blend of architectural styles   encompassing Mediterranean, traditional Spanish, Mediterranean and Art Deco flourishes. The interiors are grandiose with beautiful cathedral ceilings, deluxe marble floors, spacious walk-in closets and fireplaces.

Among available Coral Gables real estate, this secluded community represents one of the most difficult subdivisions to buy into. It is among the most desirable enclaves both in South Florida and in the nation. Its location is secluded and yet within easy access to Miami’s International Airport, Biscayne Bay, the University of Miami, National Parks and the Greater Miami Area.

Gables Estates is comprised of 170 estate homes located east of Old Cutler Road on Biscayne Bay and those seeking to buy a home here must be sponsored by at least two residents, not including the seller or anyone involved with the sale of a home. Potential residents must also pay a hefty, non-refundable fee of $18,000, which covers membership in the homeowner’s association. All of the homes in Gables estates are at least 3,000 square feet in size and median home values are currently at 2 million and up.

There is no question that the epitome of fine living and luxurious Coral Gables real estate can be found within the magnificent properties that comprise the Gables Estate complex for those who are rich enough to afford it.

Friday, August 10, 2012

What’s New in Condo Construction in Downtown Coral Gables

Coral Gables or City Beautiful as locals like to call this lovely private enclave, can hold its own in the current Miami condo marketplace.  Buying and selling condos is big and frequent business, so much so that often information conflicts and can be confusing to say the least. Keeping up with condo developments in the world of Coral Gables real estate requires astute attention on the part of both buyers and sellers alike.

The two most prominent new condo constructions in downtown Coral Gables are Ponce Tower and 55 Merrick. They both are located in or very close to the heart of the city and are worth considering for those interested in buying Coral Gables real estate.

Built more like a boutique condominium tower with only 110 units, Ponce Tower Condo is situated at 1805 Ponce De Leon, which is within walking distance of the city’s Miracle Mile, so renowned for fine dining and its many diverse shops. Completed in 2008, Ponce Tower condos represent premium Coral Gables real estate are beautifully finished and offer an ambiance of serenity and cozy tranquility.  

There are sixteen floor plans to choose from, ranging in size from an 897 square-foot one bedroom all the way up to a glorious 3,200 square-foot two-story penthouse. One of the loveliest available views is in the eight-story atrium wing; the one wing overlooking the pool features a view of towering palms lining the edge of the spacious pool.

Ponce Tower buildings offer the following amenities in all of their units:

• 11-foot high ceilings
• Energy-efficient cooling & heating systems
• Modern European style cabinetry in the kitchen and baths
• Private balconies
• High-speed Internet and cable television access smart building.
• Meditation and tranquility garden

The condos at 55 Merrick were completed a year earlier in 2007 and there are 167 one, two and three bedroom residences. These luxury condos are similar to those at Ponce Tower, and they both represent top-of-the-line Coral Gables real estate. Their units range from 848 square feet to over 1800 square feet and there are more than 20 diverse floor plans to choose from.

Named after the founder of Coral Gables, George Merrick, these condos reflect the original vision for City Beautiful in terms of its classic architecture. Elegant contemporary interiors are contrasted with classic, grandiose exteriors in a Mediterranean architectural style.  Most of the residences are designed with nine-foot ceilings but units on the penthouse level feature ten-foot ceilings, and town-homes have ceiling heights of twenty feet.

 Some of the amenities available at 55 Merrick include:
• 24-hour controlled-access security system
• Tropical pool
• High-speed Internet and cable TV
• Gourmet kitchens
• Concierge service
• Custom wood cabinetry and upgraded appliances
• Italian tile flooring

55 merrick coral gables condos

View both these luxury condominiums before making up your mind to buy Coral Gables real estate. They both have a lot to offer for those who choose to reside in the City Beautiful.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cocoplum: Treasured Coral Gables Real Estate

This luxurious waterfront community represents Coral Gables real estate at its best. Exclusive, quiet and private, Cocoplum is a gated, residential complex that offers all that money can buy; amenities such as 24-hour security, year-round outdoor heated pool and hot tub, fitness and clubhouse facilities, a yacht club, eight tennis courts, a full size basketball court and a playground for young children.

cocoplum real estate yacht club

The rich and colorful history of Cocoplum dates back to the 1920s when Coral Gables was first established. There was originally a beach, named Cocoplum Beach (today it is known as Tahiti Beach) and it is mentioned in several historical newspapers of the period.

For those in love with water sports, Cocoplum is a private treasure island unto itself with direct access to the splendid, shimmering waters of Biscayne Bay. Protected and isolated, guards routinely patrol the area’s few tree-lined streets. For boating enthusiasts seeking to purchase Coral Gables real estate, Cocoplum offers many properties on canals that have their own private docks as well as a marina at the yacht club.

The lush landscapes and public and private schools in the area are also a great draw for those with children seeking to buy Coral Gables real estate. Shadows of yesterday loom in veiled beauty among the city’s finer older structures such as the Biltmore Hotel and the Venetian Pool.

Cocoplum as a part of Coral Gables also offers fabulous shopping on the Miracle Mile and the Village at Merrick Park. For those who might be visiting the area rather than buying Coral Gales real estate, there are breathtaking tourist attractions, such as the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and the historic Deering Estate at Cutler. Matheson Hammock Beach is nearby for daring worshippers of the sun and surf.

Median home values start at $1 million, which is an effective barometer for Miami’s Cocoplum standard of living and opulence. Four hundred and forty estate homes sprawl luxuriously throughout 350 beautiful acres. All of them are situated on 15,000 square foot or larger lots, most with direct access to the bay.

Unlike other real estate markets in southern Florida of late, Coral Gables real estate and Cocoplum home values in particular, are on the rise. Home ownership in Cocoplum is highly coveted and limited to an elitist group of moneyed buyers.

cocoplum home yacht club

So come and visit or come and stay. The world is your oyster (or perhaps we should say plum) when you buy Coral Gables real estate in Cocoplum.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coral Gables Schools and Their Impact on Real Estate Prices

Coral Gables, Florida, also known as “the City Beautiful,” is a highly desirable place to live. Its schools are considered by many to be the best in Miami Dade County and they rank highly among the best schools in the state of Florida. These educational facilities particularly the private schools, are also among the most expensive, as are many of the homes in the vicinity. This is the connecting link between Coral Gables real estate and the education system.  

The schools in Coral Gables are renowned for their academic excellence and pioneering international studies programs. The diverse educational base includes an impressive roster of private schools. Home to the high-ranking University of Miami, Coral Gables has “magnet” high schools (public schools specializing in certain curricula or courses), elementary, middle schools, special education programs, private schools, kindergarten, and preschool programs.

Three elementary schools; George Washington Carver, Sunset Elementary and Coral Gables Elementary School all have received the highest ratings from state, national and independent assessment organizations.

Since its formation back in the 1920s as one of the first planned communities in the nation, Coral Gables remains one of the most restrictive settlements in the south Florida area and Coral Gables real estate remains among the most expensive in the region.

Coral Gables stands like a proud peacock amid a predominance of Mediterranean-style architecture. In the city’s northern section, small garden apartments and duplex units abound; in its central part, one can find many smaller historic cottages.  There are also several streets reserved for the cream of Coral Gables real estate; large mansions from another era long faded into time.

Today the very rich and the middle class co-exist in this planned community, but only the wealthier among them can afford Coral Gables real estate near many of the private schools. For example, the enrollment fee for Gulliver’s School is $2,000. Although non-refundable, this fee is applied to the total tuition costs for the year, which are quite hefty.

Tuition alone for pre-kindergarten is $9,700 and goes up to $26,900 for grades 6-12. There are also other fees, which are not included in the tuition, such as: matriculation fees, textbooks, transportation and lunch.

Coral Gables is a self-sufficient, highly desirable community in which to live, work, and play. Without a doubt, Coral Gables real estate's most powerful selling point to families with children is its educational facilities.

For couples or individuals without children, the schools might not present a priority in purchasing Coral Gables real estate, in which case luxurious homes can be bought with easy access to a marina at Cocoplum. Gable Estates offers grand estate properties that have their own private deepwater docks.

Coral Gables has it all.
Come visit and stay.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coral Gables Real Estate Market Update - Closings July 2012

Welcome to the Coral Gables Riches Real Estate Blog!

In the following table you can see all closings in Coral Gables for the month of July 2012. There were a total of 49 closings. The main statistics are:

  • Average price per square foot: $261
  • Lowest price per square foot: $134 (Coral Gables Villas unit 19)
  • Highest price per square foot: $463 (Coral Gables Country Club)
There was 1 unit at University Inn that went pending the same day it was listed.

Please check back our blog as we will be posting regularly information about Coral Gables Real Estate.

Address Community Bed/Bath Living Area Days on Market List Price Sale Price Price per sq ft
1014 SALZEDO ST # 102 Salzedo in the Gables 2/1 664 10 $75,000 $90,000 $136
1515 SAN REMO AV # C6 VILLA  SAN  REMO 1/1 625 12 $109,000 $109,000 $174
215 SW 42 AV # 903 LE JEUNE PLAZA CONDO 2/2 920 28 $120,700 $127,000 $138
700 BILTMORE WY # 411 DAVID WILLIAM HOTEL 1/1 790 17 $124,900 $135,000 $171
1515 SAN REMO AV # A-7 Villa San Remo 2/1 770 14 $134,900 $150,100 $195
50 ANTILLA AV # 7 ANTILLA PLAZA CONDO 2/1.5 840 15 $139,900 $150,000 $179
21 MADEIRA AV # 19 Coral Gables Villas 2/1.5 900 4 $155,500 $121,000 $134
90 EDGEWATER DR # 109 Gables Waterway 1/1 910 214 $169,000 $158,000 $174
1280 S ALHAMBRA CR # 1103 UNIVERSITY INN 1/1 620 0 $190,000 $190,000 $306
90 EDGEWATER DR # 1218 Gables Waterway Towers 1/1 910 14 $225,000 $200,000 $220
2030 DOUGLAS RD # 616 THE MINORCA CONDO 2/2 1114 6 $230,000 $233,000 $209
2030 DOUGLAS RD # 607 The Minorca Condo 2/2 1114 5 $237,150 $267,000 $240
2030 DOUGLAS RD # 714 THE MINORCA 2/2 1208 12 $242,500 $270,000 $224
1280 S ALHAMBRA CR # 2210 UNIVERSITY INN 2/2 840 43 $254,900 $248,000 $295
357 ALMERIA AV # 1202 GABLES PARK TOWER 2/2 932 19 $275,000 $258,000 $277
1007 MADRID ST CORAL GABLES GRANADA SEC 3/2.5 1797 64 $347,500 $339,000 $189
1024 ALMERIA AV CORAL GABLES SEC A 3/2 2021 381 $360,000 $325,000 $161
261 NAVARRE AV # B1/201 GABLES COURT TOWNHOMES 2/2.5 1520 6 $370,000 $350,000 $230
5328 ORDUNA DR # 5328 Caral Gables Rivera 3/2 1460 20 $380,000 $350,000 $240
814 MARIANA AV CORAL GABLES GRANADA SEC 2/2 1751 1 $395,000 $390,000 $223
100 ANDALUSIA AV # 414 ANDALUSIA CONDO 3/2 1246 47 $415,000 $375,000 $301
333 VELARDE AV COCONUT GROVE SEC PT 1 3/2.5 1825 131 $439,000 $415,000 $227
431 SEVILLA AV CORAL GABLES BILTMORE SEC 3/2 1782 53 $450,000 $430,000 $241
1226 MADRID ST CORAL GABLES GRANADA SEC 3/2 1567 89 $474,900 $450,000 $287
817 VENETIA AV CORAL GABLES GRANADA SEC 2/2 1559 181 $475,000 $450,000 $289
1533 SOPERA AV CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB 3/2 1815 10 $539,000 $570,000 $314
1253 OBISPO AV Single 3/2 1955 41 $549,500 $518,000 $265
1404 ALEGRIANO AV CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB 2/2.5 2006 14 $585,000 $550,000 $274
1426 CANTORIA AV CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB 3/2 1837 6 $589,400 $590,000 $321
537 SAN ESTEBAN AV CORAL GABLES RIVIERA SEC 3/2.5 1914 16 $595,000 $595,000 $311
1560 SALVATIERRA DR CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB 4/2.5 2951 139 $649,000 $634,000 $215
6905 BARQUERA ST CORAL GABLES RIVIERA SEC 3/2.5 1919 11 $649,000 $620,000 $323
7711 MINDELLO ST CORAL GABLES BISCAYNE BAY 4/4 3040 179 $675,000 $800,000 $263
6400 SAN VICENTE ST CORAL GABLES RIVIERA SEC 3/2 2534 4 $675,000 $675,000 $266
3410 ANDERSON RD CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB 4/4.5 2599 18 $849,999 $835,000 $321
837 ANDALUSIA AVENUE Coral Gables 4/3.5 3050 118 $939,000 $837,000 $274
1126 MANATI AV UNIVERSITY ESTS 4/3 2859 46 $979,000 $942,500 $330
935 MALAGA AV CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB 4/4 3678 169 $1,050,000 $925,000 $251
803 ALHAMBRA CR CORAL GABLES SEC B PB 5-1 5/4.5 5854 35 $1,175,000 $975,000 $167
120 S PROSPECT DR SANS SOUCI REV & AMD PB 6 5/4 3840 292 $1,249,717 $1,172,000 $305
7020 MINDELLO ST CORAL GABLES BISCAYNE BAY 4/3 3296 36 $1,275,817 $1,085,000 $329
1209 ALGARDI AV CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB 4/3.5 3562 52 $1,295,000 $1,100,000 $309
4820 BILTMORE DR CORAL GABLES RIVIERA SEC 3/3 3184 25 $1,325,000 $1,100,000 $345
9324 KERWOOD CT SNAPPER CREEK OAKS 5/4.5 6199 163 $1,750,000 $1,725,000 $278
5520 OAKWOOD LN SNAPPER CREEK OAKS 4/5.5 5777 13 $1,925,000 $1,925,000 $333
621 DESTACADA AV CUTLER OAKS ESTATES 6/6.5 6723 66 $2,150,000 $1,950,000 $290
5200 SNAPPER CREEK RD SNAPPER CREEK LAKES 4/3.5 5591 117 $2,337,000 $2,000,000 $358
5621 ORDUNA DR CORAL GABLES RIVIERA SEC 5/7 5238 459 $2,450,000 $2,250,000 $430
4014 GRANADA BL CORAL GABLES COUNTRY CLUB 6/6.5 5287 121 $2,749,000 $2,450,000 $463

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