Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A guide for new investors in the real state area

Investing can be a challenge for those who don’t have enough experience in real state. Some people have become rich from real estate without much knowledge about investing, but if you’re thinking of a long-term investment, there are important things you should consider:

1)  Study the opportunities: Study the characteristics, conditions and opportunities of your real estate investment. The best thing that you can do in this business is thinking of all the details.

2)   Be patient: Remember, real estate investment takes time. If you are planning a long-term investment, you will not see the results immediately.

3)  Study the location: You should know everything about the area that you are planning to make an investment in. A touristic place, parks, malls, activities done during the year, famous places; all these things increase the value of your property.

4)    Make smart decisions: Investing can be a confusing process; you need to try to be a smart investor. Spare all the money possible, don't get carried away by feelings and ask all the questions you need.

5)  Contact an expert: This is the most important thing when you want to make an investment. Keep in mind that a realtor has all the experience that you don't have in the area. A realtor can help you clear all your doubts and help you choose the best option; just be sure to find a good realtor you can trust.

Real estate investing can really be conceptually simple, but keep in mind that "simple" doesn't mean "easy." If you make a mistake, consequences can range from minor inconveniences to major disasters. You could even find yourself broke, or worse.

But don’t panic! Our team of professionals can help you in all this process, because at Gables Riches your peace of mind comes first.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Why Coral Gables is known as the “city beautiful”?

When you visit the Coral Gables Center, the first thing that you see is its wonderful architecture. Inspired by the works of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, who designed New York’s Central Park, The City Beautiful Movement encouraged the use of wide tree-lined avenues, monumental buildings, winding roadways, green space, ornate plazas, and fountains galore.

The beauty and charm of Coral Gables is experienced in its plazas, entrances and fountains that set the original “Spanish” style of the carefully planned community.

With its quiet streets, beautiful houses and shade trees, Coral Gables offers endless activities and attractions, including golf, tennis, art galleries, museums and beautiful landscapes.

According its locals, just a walk around its squares, boulevards and old Spain architectural landscapes will answer the question of why they call Coral Gables the “City Beautiful.”
Some historic buildings in Coral Gables that you should visit:

1)     John M. Stabile Building: built in 1924, it's one of the oldest commercial structures in Coral Gables. It's known for its Mediterranean architecture, with large doors and balconies overlooking Salzedo Street.

2)     Coral Gables Water Tower: it was built in 1924 and consists of two separate structures. It was used as part of the city’s water supply system until 1931, when it was disconnected from the system.

1)     Merrick House: it’s a historic house originally constructed as the family residence of George E. Merrick, founder of the city of Coral Gables. No Coral Gables tour can be complete without a visit to the Merrick House.

Coral Gables is one of the most established, scenic and affluent communities in South Florida, and It makes the city an extraordinary option if you are planning to invest.

Coral Gables offers a blend of residential and business opportunities near the heart of Miami, but also draws tourists year-round through venues like the internationally reputed Miracle Mile, in the center of Downtown Coral Gables.

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